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Detailed Program

Keynote talk 1 : Emotion in Games by : Dr. Kostas Karpouzis
Introduced by : Pr. Najoua Essoukri Ben Amara
Oral 1 : Visual and Interactive Computing
Chairs: Pr. Aref Meddeb
AuthorTitleFull/ShortOnsite/ Online
Martin Büßemeyer, Max Reimann, Benito Buchheim, Amir Semmo, Jürgen Döllner and Matthias Trapp8458 Controlling Geometric Abstraction and Texture for Artistic Images  FullOnsite
Islem Gammoudi, Raja Ghozi and Mohamed Ali Mahjoub7481 Residual Convolution Gated Neural Network based on 3DUNet (Res-Gated-3DUNet) for Multi-modal Brain Tumor SegmentationFullOnline(Germany)
Hèdi Fkih, Abdelaziz Kallel and Zied Chtourou9693 Super-Resolution of UAVs Thermal Images guided by Visible ImagesFullOnsite
Rimeh Daoudi, Aymen Mouelhi, Moez Bouchouicha, Eric Moreau and Mounir Sayadi6537 Reconstruction-Segmentation Path for Fire and Smoke Detection in Video Surveillance ImagesFullOnsite
Hana Charaabi, Hiba Mzoughi, Ridha Hamdi and Mohamed Njah5217 EXplainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Brain Tumors Diagnosis: A SurveyFullOnsite
Oral 2 : Cybersecurity and Biometrics
Chairs : Pr. Lilia Cheniti-Belcadhi & Pr. Christophe Rosenberger
AuthorTitleFull/ShortOnsite/ Online
Abdarahmane Wone, Joel Di Manno, Christophe Charrier and Christophe Rosenberger1952 Capture Biases in Fingerprint SystemsFullOnsite
Sana Boujnah, Radhia Ferjaoui and Anouar Ben Khalifa2675 Hybrid Approach for Speaker Recognition based on Formant and Pich ExtractionFullOnsite
Sawsan D. Mahmood, Fadoua Drira, Yassine Aribi, Hussain Falih Mahdi and Adel M. Alimi4472 Chaotic Model-Based Blind Watermarking with LSB Technique for Digital Fundus Image AuthenticationFullOnline (Tunisia)
Fatma Sbiaa, Sonia Kotel and Mohsen Machhout1854 A Selective Video Encryption Scheme Based on a Block Cipher Algorithm and a Chaos GeneratorFullOnsite
Siwar Hammami, Islem Jarraya, Mohamed Tarek Hamdani and Mohamed Adel Alimi3387 Contactless Hand Knuckle Modality for Identity Verification using Siamese NetworkFullOnsite
Sana Boujnah, Radhia Ferjaoui and Anouar Ben Khalifa9343 Person Identification with Voice and Ear-print in Degraded Conditions for Smart Home AccessFullOnsite
Oral 3 : Visual and Interactive Computing
Chairs :  Pr. Aymen Mouelhi & Pr. Ahmed Ghazi Blaiech
AuthorTitleFull/ShortOnsite/ Online
Najeh Nafti5592 Hyperparameters Optimization of Deep Learning Models for Unsupervised Lung Cancer DetectionShortOnline (Tunisia)
Sourour Brahimi, Soumaya Ibrahimi and Chokri Ben Amar5748 An Object Recognition Method Based on Deep BCNN with Reinforced Dense BlocksShortOnline (Tunisia)  
Hana Abdelmoula, Sihem Châabouni, Achraf Makhloufi and Abdelaziz Kallel9694 Estimation of Olive Tree Properties from Satellite Images using Variational Inversion of an ANN based Emulator of a Radiative Transfer ModelShortOnsite
Christian Kunert, Tobias Schwandt and Wolfgang Broll3642 Cube-SSIM: A Metric for Evaluating 360-degree Images as Cube MapsShortOnsite
Round Table : The AI Cognitive battle for Cybersecurity By: Dr. Lobna karoui – Audrey Smith – Dr  Hassen Dhrif 
Moderated by: Pr. Khaled Ghdira
Oral 4 : Cognitive Human-machine Interaction
Chairs : Pr. Lilia Cheniti-Belcadhi & Pr. Imed Bannour
AuthorTitleFull/ShortOnsite/ Online
Sofia Ben Jebara2558 Suspicious Behavior Detection from Speech: A Proof Of ConceptShortOnsite
Alaeddine Hmidi, Ahmed Ghazi Blaiech and Jihen Malek9674 A Deep Pair Siamese CNN for Multi-Class Classification of Alzheimer DiseaseShortOnline (Tunisia)
Mooad Al-Shalout, Mohamed Elleuch and Ali Douik6902 Detection Plant Diseases using Deep Learning AlgorithmsShortOnsite
Ghazala Hcini, Imen Jdey and Hela Ltifi1059 HSV-Net: A Custom CNN for Malaria Detection with Enhanced Color RepresentationShortOnsite
Oral 5 : Visual and Interactive Computing
Chairs : Pr.  Amel Ben Azza & Pr. Mohamed Nazih Omri
Dorra Dhaou, Saoussen Ben Jabra and Ezzeddine Zagrouba1644 An Efficient Anaglyph 3D Content based Video Retrieval using Watermarking TechniqueFullOnsite
Radhia Ferjaoui, Sana Boujnah, Nour El Houda Kraiem, Tarek Kraiem and Anouar Ben Khalifa3991 A Novel Public Database of Lymphoma for Whole Body Diffusion-Weighted MRIFullOnline(Tunisia)
Yassine Gacha, Mohamed Amine Ben Rhaiem and Takoua Abdellatif2717 Geospatial Big Data for a Sustainable and Green Smart CityFullOnsite
Sami Gazzah, Lamia Rzouga, Esam Khamis and Najoua Essoukri Ben Amara2202 Digital image Forgery Detection with Focus on a Copy-move Forgery Detection: A SurveyFullOnsite
Oral 6 : Cybersecurity and Biometrics
Chairs: Pr. Christophe Rosenberger & Pr. Raoudha Ben Jemaa
AuthorTitleFull/ShortOnsite/ Online
Olfa Dallel, Souheil Ben Ayed and Jamel Bel Hadj Taher2826 Smart Blockchain-based Authorization for Social Internet of ThingsFullOnsite
Safa Boumiza and Rafik Braham7123 In-Vehicle Network Intrusion Detection Using DNN with ReLU Activation FunctionFullOnsite
Ihar Volkau, Sergei Krasovskii, Abdul Mujeeb and Helen Balinsky9733 Whether 3D Object is Copyright Protected? Controlled Object Identification in Additive ManufacturingFullOnline(Singapore)
Omar Adel Muhi, Mariem Farhat and Mondher Frikha4519 Comparative Analysis of Deep Learning Architectures for Masked Face Recognition: A Study of Performance and RobustnessFullOnline (Iraq)
Oral 7 : Visual and Interactive Computing
Chairs: Pr. Sonia Ayachi Ghannouchi & Pr. Habib Youssef
AuthorTitleFull/ShortOnsite/ Online
Souha Mansour, Saoussen Ben Jabra and Ezzeddine Zagrouba1871 A Comprehensive Review of Video Watermarking Technique in Deep Learning EnvironmentsFullOnsite
Sondes Ajili and Abdellatif Mtibaa3815 A Robust Blind DWT+ DCT+ SVD Based Crypto-Watermarking schema for medical Images Security using AES and Weber’s LawFullOnline (Tunisia)
Hiba Mzoughi, Ines Njeh, Mohamed Benslima, Nouha Farhat and Chokri Mhiri7186 Deep Transfer Learning (DTL) based-Framework for an Accurate Multi-classification of MRI Brain TumorsFullOnsite
Mounira Sassi and Hanen Idoudi7174 OntDM: An Ontology for Disaster Management and Response MitigationFullOnline (Tunisia)
Oral 8 : Visual and Interactive Computing
Chairs: Pr. Ali Douik & Pr. Mehrez Abdellaoui
AuthorTitleFull/ShortOnsite/ Online
Tijeni Delleji, Feten Slimeni, Mohsen Lafi and Zied Chtourou1081 Video Data Analytics Dashboard for Anti-drone SystemFullOnsite
Ghassen Hamdi and Mohamed Nazih Omri4962 A Personalized Multidimensional Navigation in a Limited Visualization ContextFullOnline(Tunisia)
Christian Kunert, Tobias Schwandt and Wolfgang Broll1411 Evaluating Light Probe Estimation Techniques for Mobile Augmented RealityFullOnsite
Rayen Ben Salah and Mourad Zaied2636 A Robust Medical Image Watermarking Approach Using Beta Chaotic Map, DWT, and SVDFullOnline(Tunisia)
Keynote talk 2 : Anonymous Communication and Internet Censorship Resistance By : Pr. Francesco Buccafurri
Introduced by: Pr. Christophe Rosenberger
Oral 9 : Visual and Interactive Computing
Chairs : Pr. Achref Telmoudi & Pr. Kostas Karpouzis
AuthorTitleFull/ShortOnsite/ Online
Walid Messaoud, Rim Trabelsi, Adnane Cabani and Fatma Abdelkefi1163 Multi-Head Self Attention for Enhanced Object Detection in the Maritime DomainFullOnline (Tunisia)
Houssem Lahiani and Mondher Frikha4074 The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Anomaly Detection in Android: A SurveyFullOnline (Tunisia)
Mohammed Altaha, Islem Jarraya, Tarek M. Hamdani and Adel M. Alimi7008 Facial Expression Recognition based on ArcFace Features and TinySiamese NetworkFullOnsite
Mohammed F. Allebawi, Thameur Dhieb, Islem Jarraya, Mohamed Neji, Nouha Farhat, Emna Smaoui, Khadija Moalla, Mariem Damak, Tarek M. Hamdani, Chokri Mhiri and Adel M. Alimi9239 A New Online Arabic Handwriting Dataset for Analyzing Parkinson’s DiseaseFullOnsite
Oral 10 : Cognitive Human-machine Interaction
Chairs : Pr. Noureddine Tamani & Pr. Takoua Abdellatif
AuthorTitleFull/ShortOnsite/ Online
Sana Fakhfakh and Yousra Ben Jemaa7199 A Green Isolated Word Sign Language Recognition System based on Geodesic Metric SpaceFullOnline (Tunisia)
Matthias Wölfel and Wladimir Hettmann3553 Identification of Unreliable Data in\\in-VR Surveys using Biosignal SensorsFullOnsite
Asma Hadyaoui and Lilia Cheniti-Belcadhi9769 Intelligent Collaborative Assessment for Cyberspace eLearning EnvironmentsFullOnline (Morocco)
Mejdi Ben Dkhil, Bochra Rabbouch and Foued Saadaoui7357 Risk Factor Prediction of Heart Disease using Machine Learning ApproachesFullOnline (Tunisia)
Chawki Barhoumi and Yassine Ben Ayed6615     Improving Speech Emotion Recognition Using Data Augmentation and Balancing TechniquesFullOnline (Tunisia)
Keynote talk 3 (Virtual) : Artificial immune systems and their applications By: Pr. Dipankar Dasgupta
Introduced by: Pr. Mounir Sayadi
Keynote talk 4 : AI-enhanced Approaches for Cybersecurity and Cybersecurity for AI: Current Landscape and Emerging Challenges By : Pr. Noureddine Tamani
Introduced by: Pr. Ouajdi Korbaa
Oral 11: Cybersecurity and Biometrics
Chairs: Pr. Amine Boufaied & Pr. Christophe Rosenberger
AuthorTitleFull/ShortOnsite/ Online
Mouhamed Ala Eddine Bahri, Farah Jemili and Ouajdi Korbaa5613 Towards Machine Learning & Blockchain-based Intrusion Detection SystemFullOnline(Tunisia)
Ines Jemal, Omar Cheikhrouhou and Haddar Med Amine9319 IoT DOS and DDOS Attacks Detection Using an Effective Convolutional Neural NetworkFullOnline(Tunisia)
Koji Tsuru and Soichiro Yamashita9786 Easy-to-wear Headworn Electroencephalographs Devices for Brainwave BiometricsShortOnsite
Marwa Ben Jabra, Omar Cheikhrouhou, Nesrine Atitallah, Anouar Ben Amor and Habib Hamam2800 Malware Detection Using Deep Learning and CNN ModelsFullOnsite
Oral 12 : Visual and Interactive Computing
Chairs : Pr. Lotfi Ben Romdhane & Pr. Fatma Zahra Sayadi
AuthorTitleFull/ShortOnsite/ Online
Hamza Gbada, Karim Kalti and Mohamed Ali Mahjoub1927 VisualIE: Receipt-Based Information Extraction with a Novel Visual and Textual ApproachFullOnsite
Yahia Hamdi, Besma Rabhi, Thameur Dhieb and Adel M. Alimi3028 Multi-head Self-attention and BGRU for Online Arabic Grapheme Text SegmentationFullOnsite
Manel Mili, Asma Ben Abdallah, Jose Javier Otero, Asma Kerkeni and Mohamed Hedi Bedoui5467 Revolutionizing Brain Cancer Diagnosis: Automated Prediction of MGMT Methylation Status using Histological ImagesFullOnline(Tunisia)
Emna Ben Baoues, Imen Jegham, Safa Ameur and Anouar Ben Khalifa287 GF2PReID: A Novel Framework for Person Re-IDentification Using Generative NetworksFullOnsite
Oral 13 : Visual and Interactive Computing
Chairs: Pr. Sofia Ben Jebara & Pr. Maha Khemaja
AuthorTitleFull/ShortOnsite/ Online
Adrien Dubettier, Tanguy Gernot, Emmanuel Giguet and Christophe Rosenberger6048 A Comparative Study of Tools for Explicit Content Detection in ImagesFullOnsite
Mathieu Lutfallah, Tamara Gini, Christian Hirt, Kordian Caplazi and Andreas Kunz6715 Remote Cross-platform Instructions between MR and VR  ShortOnline (Lebanon)
Karim Haddada, Mohamed Ibn Khedher and Olfa Jemai9164 Comparative Study of Deep Learning Architectures for Early Alzheimer DetectionFullOnsite
Hasan Bikhtiyar and Amine Boufaied9181 Team Formation Optimization Problem Resolution Based On The Knowledge Difference CostFullOnline (Iraq)
Oral 14: Cybersecurity and Biometrics
Chairs: Pr. Anouar Ben Khalifa & Pr. Noureddine Tamani
AuthorTitleFull/ShortOnsite/ Online
Emna Bensaid, Mohamed Neji and Adel M. Alimi9436 FaceAnonym: Face Anonymization Model via Latent Space MappingShortOnline (Tunisia)
Islem Chouchen and Farah Jemili7789 Intrusion Detection based on Incremental LearningFullOnline(Tunisia)
Arkan M. Al-Sarray, Tarek M. Hamdani, Habib Chabchoub and Adel M. Alimi8037 Enhancing Security of Color Image Exchange using Authentication and EncryptionFullOnsite
Arij Ben Amor and Sarra Jebri5188 Local Learning-based Collaborative Authentication In Edge-Fog NetworkShortOnline(Tunisia)
Oral 15: Cognitive Human-machine Interaction
Chairs : Pr. Walid Chainbi & Pr. Ahmed Maalel
AuthorTitleFull/ShortOnsite/ Online
Ines Belhaj Messaoud, Elyes Ben Cheikh, Assaad Chiboub, Karim Loulou, Youssef Ouakrim, Sofia Ben Jebara and Neila Mezghani8513 Machine Learning based Approaches for Cough Detection From Acceleration Signal  FullOnsite
Onsa Lazzez, Mohamed Tarak Hamdeni and Mohamed Adel Alimi5287 FASCOLL: A new Framework for Agile Smart City Open Living LabFullOnline (Tunisia)
Chien-Tung Lin and R.P.C. Janaka Rajapakse1977 Development of a Chakra Meditation Application of Virtual and Vibrational Realities Based on Behavioral BiometricFullOnsite
Joanne Tan, Wei Lun Lim, Ruilin Li, Meng-Hsueh Hsieh, Olga Sourina and Chun-Hsien Chen1426 Heart Rate based Cross-subject Stress RecognitionShortOnline(Singapore)
Simon Cardoso, Hugo Jean, Martin Cherrier, Adrien Dubettier, Tanguy Gernot, Emmanuel Giguet and Christophe Rosenberger6897 Towards an Open-source Digital Investigation PlatformFullOnsite
Oral 16 : Visual and Interactive Computing
Chairs: Pr. Rafik Brahem & Pr. Khaled Ben khalifa
AuthorTitleFull/ShortOnsite/ Online
Hangqin Wang and Alexei Sourin6947 Deep Learning-based Visualization of Music MoodFullOnline(Singapore)
Mohamed Rissal Hedna, Younes Djemmal and Khaleel Mershad861 A Model for the Automatic Mixing of Multiple Audio and Video ClipsFullOnline(Lebanon)
Khawla Ben Salah, Mohamed Othmani, Salma Saida and Monji Kherallah3626 Improved approach for Semantic Segmentation of MBRSC Aerial Imagery based on Transfer Learning and Modified UNetFullOnline(Tunisia)
Mikołaj Maik, Jakub Flotyński and Krzysztof Walczak9176 Knowledge-based Adaptation of 3D User interfaces in XR Financial Exchange SystemsFullOnline (Poland)
Kyrin Sethel Chong and Alexei Sourin4316 New Approach to Timbre VisualizationFullOnline(Singapore)
Poster Session
AuthorTitleOnsite/ Online
Attia Dhouha, Ghazi Abid and Benazza Amel9618 Classification of Vocal Fold Disorders in High Speed Videos by Deep Learning  Onsite
Hela Hammami and Sadok Elasmi719 Spatial Mapping of Extreme Precipitation Events Using Artificial Neural NetworksOnsite
Tamaki Akaike and Michio Shiraishi2132 Method to Visualize Passes in a Soccer Match by Clustering Players and Positions  Online (Japan)
Rabaa Youssef, Sofiene Chaabouni and Amel Benazza-Benyahya3615 Water Turbidity Monitoring Application Combining IoT and Computer Vision Tools  Onsite
Hedi Jabnouni, Imen Arfaoui, Mohamed Ali Cherni, Moez Bouchouicha and Mounir Sayadi9069 YOLOv6 for Fire Images Detection  Onsite
Roua Jaafar, Hedi Yazid and Najoua Essoukri Ben Amara4840     CBIR-Based Approach for Histological Image Analysis on Large Scale Datasets  Onsite
Asma Kharrat, Fadoua Drira, Franck Lebourgeois and Christophe Garcia437 Exploring Continual Learning and Self-learning for Historical Digit Recognition  Online(France)
Kaouther Selmi, Mohamed BOUALLEGUE, Kais BOUALLEGUE8128 Simulator Of EEG Using Neural Networks with Neuron Contains Multi Dendrites  Onsite
Elena Kriklenko and Anastasia Kovaleva1882 The Analysis Skin Conductance using Value Categorization  Online(Russia)
Ibtissem Hadj Ali and Mohamed Ali Mahjoub5412 Siamese Networks with attention for User-Independent Offline Handwritten Signature Verification  Onsite
Nourchen Moumni, Faten Chaabane and Fadoua Drira1079 Privacy-preserving Anomaly Detection in Smart Meter Data via Federated Learning  Online(Tunisia)